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Your end to end project management and task management app. Watch the video to understand what you can achieve with TaskOPad, a
customized task management software.


How It Works

Organize. Assign. Track

Your end to end project management and task management app. Watch the video to understand what your can achieve with TaskOPad.


Brings Simple yet Effective Solutions to Task Management Issues

TaskOPad helps companies overcome common problems related to task management and project collaboration.

Easier Task Assignment

With the TaskOPad Task Management App, it becomes easier to understand which team members are overloaded with work and who can handle a couple of more assignments. You can easily prioritize recurring or new tasks and assign timelines into this task management software so that fellow team members can work accordingly.

Seamless Workflow Management

With TaskOPad every team member is well aware of the team process and knows which assignment needs to be taken up next; making the workflow seamless and efficient.

Productivity Tracker

Track your teams productivity and see which assignments are taking more time. You can even check which assignments are facing delays giving you more control to take appropriate action. This project management app makes performance tracking and measurement easy. 

Get a Bird’s Eye View

Get a overview of almost everything. From Sales to Projects to Finance and revenues, you have a clear picture of where the project is heading letting you  take key decisions on time.

Easier Inter-department Project Collaboration

Some organizations need to have inter-department collaborations on certain projects. TaskOPad is a robust tool for project management that eliminates all co-ordination hassles and ensures that all assignments are taken care of easily. What’s more when there are project dependencies, team members can chat real-time to solve problems quickly.

Work From Anywhere, Anytime

We understand how frustrating it can be when a project needs expert help and guidance and has to wait due to unavailability of resources. With TaskOPad, you can do away with those problems as it can be accessed anywhere and at anytime whilst ensuring the security of your data.


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