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Scalable growth, Reduced costs, Improved margins & better efficiency with Deskera ERP and MRP. 



Cloud ERP with integrated accounting, inventory, warehouses, orders, procurement, sales, marketing, payroll and more.

Increase operational awareness across business processes and drive top & bottom line growth.



Cloud MRP for in-house
and contract manufacturing. Get all ERP & MRP features in
one integrated solution.

Plan and manage materials, resources, machines and production schedules efficiently.

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Best in class Cloud ERP

Deskera ERP


Better Financial Control

Manage financial processes, from core accounting to budgeting, forecasting, bank reconciliations, financial period closing and multi entity accounting with ease. Easily set up automations, approval flows, access roles and financial controls.

Order Management

Fulfill Orders on Time

Manage multi-channel sales orders with ease. Fulfill directly, dropship, or pick -pack-ship. Track shipments and generate delivery notes, picklists, shipping and packing labels, bill of lading and more. Track backorders and reserve stock to be be utilized for order fulfillment.


Optimize Supply Chain Logistics

Minimize costs, optimize order and lead times. Manage vendor scorecards, purchase orders and invoices. Setup rule based approval flows. Receive detailed reports and analytics to gain visibility into your entire procurement cycle

Inventory Management

Reduce Inventory Costs

Track inventory levels and movements in real-time across multiple warehouses. Generate stock-level alerts when reaching critical low thresholds. Automate ordering and restocking processes to maintain optimal inventory levels

Customer Relationship Management

Improve Topline Growth

Segment customer, prospects and contact lists. Track opportunities and deals across pipelines. Manage sales teams and salesperson activities. Automate the flow of leads from qualification to closure. Run marketing campaigns and nurture leads via drip campaigns.

Human Resource Management

Optimize HR Operations

Track employee records and performance, set up payroll and benefit plans, and automate attendance, leave & expense tracking. Ensure compliance with local and federal regulations. Reduce paperwork and minimize manual data entry.


Connect e-commerce portals, point-of-sale devices,
payment gateways, automation platforms,and shipment
tracking tools with out-of-the-box integrations.

Manufacturing done right with

Deskera MRP

Work Order Management

Made to Order or Made to Stock

Automate work order task creation and assignment, track progress, and monitor completion with real-time updates. Monitor resources, costs and time associated with each work order for improved accuracy and efficiency.

Demand Forecasting

Plan ahead for better delivery

Anticipate future customer demands to plan procurement and production schedules. Visualize future inventory requirements for finished goods and sub-assemblies and manage availability of materials, resources and machines efficiently.

Production Planning

Optimize available resources

Create production plans with ease. Assign resources, set schedules and deadlines, and manage your entire production process in one place. Track production costs and optimize efficiency with comprehensive analytics.

Contract Manufacturing

Track outsourced manufacturing

Automate planning, scheduling, and tracking of outsourced production. Easily monitor costs and progress, and gain visibility of the entire process from supplier selection to order fulfillment.

Yield & Cost Calculations

Accurate Production Outputs

Calculate yields and costs of finished goods accurately. Automatically capture production costs and analyze product profitability. Generate reports that can be used to assess price competitiveness.

Manufacturing Reports

Data Driven Manufacturing Insights

Generate comprehensive production reports to monitor the cost, efficiency and profitability of production operations. Track production processes, gain insight into process bottlenecks, and identify cost-saving opportunities.

Run & Scale your Business with Deskera

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