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Ideal to suit every organization’s marketing requirement, our marketing automation software provides you with all the tools you will ever require to scale and grow. With 500+ satisfied and happy users, Cronberry serves everything that a business would need to make better sales & manage leads.


Accelerate your marketing

Drive your marketing and sales on autopilot across multiple platforms using our one stop solution services built for you. We help businesses make their marketing relevant by sending personalized messages to the right person, at the right time, using the right channel.


Manage your entire business listings

Not able to manage leads received from various platforms? Integration of your leads from IndiaMart, tradeindia, JustDial, Your mobile-app or website, social media. Our marketplace integration API’s have proven their worth time and again.


Create Catalogues & Engage Customers

Stop sending digital garbage to your customers on whatsapp! Now enhance your customers’ browsing experience & let your customers get better insights into your products with easy Buy options, thereby providing your brand a distinctive edge in the industry.


Landing pages & Ecommerce

Why waste money on website development when you can create your own customized, beautiful “No-code” Landing pages for your business in just one go. Managing the entire ecommerce section right from sending invoices to managing subscriptions & payments, everything is super easy & quick just as you want.


Announcements & Offers

Don’t let your customers go easily! let them know what is the next latest update & offer coming up for them. Be it a sale, or discount offer, or newsletter signup, customize it with our website Announcements feature. Automate all the updates so as to create brand loyalty and more visibility in the market.


URL Shortener

Why pay and use other services? Want to create short-links for catalogues, landing pages, your website, offers, and custom forms? Use Cronberry URL Shortener to convert the long & complicated URL into a more readable quick link. Create and Share instantly anonymous short URLs for your brand in just a single click.


  • Boost the number of qualified leads

  • Extract students’ data from social media platforms

  • Captivate students’ interest by sending them regular updates

  • Keep track of the student activity and data analytics

  • Manage & engage new and existing property buyers

  • Segregate your leads as their differential characteristics

  • Get the interested customers’ profile details from various platforms

  • Pre-set responses to be given on the basis of the type of lead inquiry

  • Segregate the customers category-wise and send them regular offers

  • Customize every notification/message as per the target lead behavior

  • View detailed customer profile and understand its interest area

  • Track your campaigns and measure success

  • Track the target leads’ activities and get more engagement

  • Conduct messaging campaigns for specific leads only

  • Set SMS campaigning timings as per your convenience

  • Test first, and then proceed

  • Capture potential leads from various platforms

  • Segregate the leads as per their credit eligibility

  • Acknowledge the customers with the latest bank offers

  • Ignite conversions with more user engagement

  • Make regular patient inquiries by organizing campaigns

  • Conduct patient-specific messaging

  • Interact with the patients by sending the right information at the right time

  • Regular check on the conversion rate

  • Track the holiday booking inquiries from various marketing channels

  • Send them travel package offers via SMS, email or push notifications

  • Segregate your potential leads as per their budget and preferences

  • Personalize every offer

  • Capture potential leads from various platforms

  • Segregate the leads as per their credit eligibility

  • Acknowledge the customers with the latest bank offers

  • Ignite conversions with more user engagement


Campaigns & Segments

Nurture, Retarget your prospects with predefined campaigns and segments. Just describe once who belongs where and forget! Cronberry’s powerful campaigning and segmentation process will do the rest for you.


Heading & Email Subject Analyzer

Confused what should be the heading of your next product blog, social post, or business page? Want to improve your email clickthrough rate? Leverage the free heading & email subject analyzer tool from our marketing automation platform.


Send Automated Emails

Our super easy-to-use email automation software allows you to create customized email journeys, browse through numerous templates, & organize campaigns in just no time and yes, everything automated, saving you time & cost as well.


SMS, Push & In-app Notification

Worried how to manage Push & In-app messaging? With Cronberry’s robust notification algorithms you can send millions of notifications on the go. Use SMS automation to send personalized messages to end-users to nurture them and retain them, thriving their interest and loyalty towards your brand.


Easy to use Dashboard

Cronberry dashboard has been designed keeping “You” the business owner in mind. You Get everything you need in just one place from MAU credits to Campaign & lead reports. Navigate to various features and integrate them as per your business needs.


Easy User Management

Now track and manage your team performance in real-time. Get their performance reports, track their attendance, working hours, call durations, and call recordings! Define multiple roles, assign permissions and forget.

See how Cronberry works for your business.

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